All things related to kiddiewink’s vision

Kiddiewink’s Vision


Our Journey in to the World of Kiddiewinks with Glasses

When you first find out your child needs glasses, so many thoughts and emotions fly through your head (well they did with me anyway). Should I have realised sooner?  What did this mean? Was the eye healthy? why are they far  sighted? How would they take to them? How would they look? What would others people’s perceptions be like? Had life been a blur for them before? Had they not seen our faces properly?

In the UK we are lucky in that the care is free for under sixteens. In the UK eye tests for the under fives are not common place, and many are unaware that children who cannot talk or read can be tested. Most children will be tested between four and five years of age (usually in the reception year) as part of NHS current guidelines. It is also suggested that you get them checked earlier if there is a history of eye related issues, in particular if someone in the family wore them at young age. This is not widely publicised or discussed, leaving parents often unaware that this is recommended. Some time ago, an eye check was part of the two year check, sadly no longer though. Now, an early diagnosis relies largely on parents recognising there is a problem, and with children themselves unaware themselves there is a problem, this can be unlikely.

What I don’t understand, is why families are made aware of the importance of visiting a dentist and getting teeth checked, even at an early age. Why not an optician? Many children visit a dentist before the age of two, but very few will have visited an optician.

In the US it is recommended your babies first proper check should be between 6 and 12 months, with regular checks after that. Of course in the US this care is not free though.

Through my posts I am hoping to raise awareness of the importance of getting your Kiddiewinks’ eyes checked at an early age.

why bother giving my baby an eye test? They seem fine…

Another two week wait

So proud of my littlest kiddiewink

They have arrived

my baby kiddiewink wears glasses

prescription goggles

I need window screen wipers

Utterly amazed

Our little four Eyed boy

Patching Activities

Blind as a Bat

He can see 3D and other exciting news


Why are glasses so expensive?


Hospital appointments

Patch Boy

Life with Patching

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of hearing stories from many other familie’s experiences of glasses with kiddiewinks. Every family has a different experience and unfortunately not all are positive. Some families sit on endless waiting lists before eventually getting glasses; some kiddiewinks resist the glasses or patch in a big way; some people have difficulty finding an optician they feel happy with… whatever the worry, issue, concern, success, cuteness, it is so helpful to know you are not alone and there is a wealth of wonderful websites wnd forums for advice, support and general discussion.

Useful Websites -under construction

NHS Information

The Eye Five at Moorfield Hospital

Facebook Groups







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