He can see 3D and other exciting eye news…

A year or so ago, we were told kiddiewink 2 might never see the 3D images jump out clearly. Well… At his eye test this week, he managed to ‘pick up’ the flies wings, and spot the images that were jumping out! I am still smiling when I think about his little face when he was trying to touch the flies wings, so sweet. He performed the best he had ever performed and it was a super speedy eye test. Upshot is his vision is doing well but we will be keeping up the patching 2 hours a day, to ensure his vision doesn’t deteriorate. To be honest, I would rather keep it going for a few hours, than stop, and then have to start again. We have our own little routine with it all and it just works (at the moment). It will all be reviewed again at his next prescription check. While at the hospital I asked if we could organise time for kiddiewink 2 and I to take some photos for a photo story we are creating, they have agreed and offered us any help they can. I want to offer support to other young children experiencing hospital eye appointment, glasses, patches etc Today we picked up KW2s glasses, he was so excited and he thought he looked cool. While they were being tweaked, he was filling his pockets with the sweets they have in a bowl ( he really likes those sweets ), big perk of his visit for him. He also tried on lots of different pairs, making hilarious comments about how he looked. The optometrist is also keen to help me with our book, and we have a half hour appointment in a week to take photos around the shop, photos of one of my KW eye test and the equipment. I have several ideas about how to structure the book, and will be doing a few different ones I think, to see which works best. What I do with my book/leaflet, remains to be seen, but I figure it can be a lasting memory for him, if nothing else. All very exciting though.

Watch the moment he saw the wings…




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