Blind as a bat!

Well… yesterday started off like any normal day with school run mayhem. My youngest kiddiewink had an eye test in the morning, so I put her to sleep in a pram so she could get as much sleep as possible before the eye test. She slept all the way to our local opticians and then had big smiles when I got her out. I was so convinced that this was just a routine check and she would not have the same problem as her brother. We have no family history of extreme far sightedness and we were all quite convinced his vision difficulties were linked to a very traumatic birth. Kiddiewink three smiles easily and watches her siblings tv, and is interested in grabbing everything. How wrong we were… After a fascinating ten minute test, in which kiddiewink two was a superstar, helping the optometrist, Wendy told us that she thought she was the most far sighted baby she had ever seen. I don’t think there has been many occasions where I have been rendered speechless, but this was one of them, all I could do was laugh, not because I found it funny though, quite the opposite. Apparently even without the drops to dilate the pupils,she was about a +11! I know all babies are far sighted but a reading like this is far from normal and it is upsetting to think she cannot see us all clearly. The upshot is a referral to the hospital which will hopefully come through quickly. I am impatient with things like that, now I know she needs them, I just want to get cracking with the whole process, as I have a feeling the transition to glasses may not be as smooth as it was with kiddiewink 2, keeping glasses on a 7month old I am sure will be a challenge!

It really is amazing how even small babies can be tested. They check how well their eyes track and follow and then use flashy toys in the distance for them to look in, while holding different lenses in front of their eyes. Eventually this will be in more depth with dilation drops, but for now it was just to check if she needed a referral. Kiddiewink 2 held the flashy toys, and called his sisters name to keep her focused, such a star.

Kiddiewink 1 is gutted as she is desperate for glasses, and has been since before her brother got them. To appease her she is being given the responsibility for helping choose the girlie glasses.

I am sure we have a bumpy road again but we will tackle any challenges we face head on, and hopefully we will all come out happy and smiling at the other side. I am gutted obviously, and wish my perfect baby girl could see like all her friends but I guess it was not meant to be and I am sure she will cope likes superstar. And although I don’t really want glasses hiding her pretty face and sparkling blue eyes, I am sure she will look like a proper cutie!



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