Bloody killer clowns can do one!

No longer is the clown craze just in the US but now it seems to have travelled across the water, and slowly infected the people of England. What eejits think this is acceptable behaviour? Scaring adults or children, both can have disastrous consequences and leave their victims traumatised for a long time. My eldest is a sensitive soul and worries about things; safety talk at Brownies by the police, led to weeks worrying about burglars; learning about the Great Fire of London, led to sleepless nights about the house burning down! At least those worries don’t stem from something so ridiculous as bloody clowns,up I don’t blame her. They are pretty scary! The film IT was a firm favourite when I was growing up, for getting scared with your friends, but there wasa choice involved in this, I was the idiot that watched the film and scared Myself witless! But with this, there is no choice! It is all over the media and despite trying to keep her shielded from it, as I knew it would worry her, children talk. A coach trip,with school, to swimming  lessons is all it took for her to freak out. Lots of the children were talking about ‘killer clowns’ and it has really really freaked her out! She couldn’t sleep last night and was beside herself with worry about killer clowns either jumping out on us, or breaking into our house. In the end she sneaked into her younger brothers bed for reassurance and comfort. I have been into school and her friends and the teacher are going to try and alleviate some of her worries, whether it will work is a different story! She isn’t the only one, another friend of mine sat on the landing last night until her 8 year old fell asleep so she could keep the killer clowns away! The world has gone bloody potty and my husband for one, will not react lightly if he sees one of these idiots dressed as clowns! Enough already, stop closing around, it’s not funny and quite frankly bloody unacceptable. I for one hope this is a very short lived craze!


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