Patching activities


Getting children to keep their patch on can be a real challenge, so their needs to be an incentive to keep it on. Let’s face it, if you were only using one eye, and that eye struggled, you wouldn’t want one either! A range of fun activities for the kiddiewink to complete while patch wearing not only encourages but works the uncovered eye too. We were told to do as much close work as possible with kiddiewink 2 when wearing the patch, jigsaws, writing, colouring and TV. Kiddiewink2 was only 2 and hated jigsaws so we had to rely largely on the TV and iPad. A reward chart can be very successful for some people too


Below is a few patching ideas …

1) iPad- our little man likes to watch Netflix or play on a selection of iPad games. He loves the fact that when wearing his patch, he is in control and can choose what him and his sister watch. There is a few apps designed for patching but these were pricey so we just use the games he enjoys

2)TV- makes the uncovered eye concentrate

3) reading

4) story writing

5) jigsaws

6) word searches- fab for encouraging the eye to focus

7) button fastening, transferring peas/ pasta to different pots

8) patch bag- special toys only allowed out when patching


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