Why are glasses so expensive?

Kiddiewink2 has been in small frames but it was suggested on our last visit to Wendy Diddams that he may be needing a larger pair. Today, we popped in to order a bigger pair of tomato glasses. Unfortunately, now he has to pay for his glasses, gutted! I am on maternity leave and money is tight, so I asked about the free ones, but even the shop told me that they were so awful, we wouldn’t want to bother, they were right! To make matters worse he couldn’t even have the lovely fashionable square frames he loved because his prescription is so strong, the lenses would need thinning and even then they might not look right, with him being so young, changing prescriptions could be very costly if forking out for extreme thinning too. In this day and age, why can’t free children’s glasses be ‘cool’, why do you have to pay to avoid milk bottle glasses? He didn’t ask to wear glasses, already he is different to his friends, why do have to pay to make wearing glasses more acceptable? Fair enough if you don’t need them all the time, but for a child who cannot see at all without their glasses, why can’t there be more help? Even if a charity was set up to help subsidise glasses for little ones, very few would donate, when there are so many more important  charities, that save life’s! But as parents of a glasses wearer we will be always be having to pay for larger frames, thinning, prescription swimming goggles, prescription sports goggles, sunglasses… I accept that a lot of those are luxuries, but the glasses that provide ‘sight’ should be more heavily subsidised.

Photos of the different glasses to follow.


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