Peanut versus widgy

On the seventeenth day of advent, my kiddiewinks brought to me

17 minutes of sex ed

16 tiny paws

15 pounds spend on ratties……

…..And a tantrum about the Christmas tree.

Well, had a car journey with the kiddiewinks I never expected. My eldest started jovially calling her brother a peanut head. I made the mistake of asking what she meant and she said, “proper name for widgy mummy” as if I was stupid! I explained it was a penis, to which she started calling him ‘penis head’. Little man, never to be left out, then asked “what are woman’s bits were called properly then”, as soon as he toldĀ him vagina, he paused for a minute, repeated it under is breath and then retrogressive “haha Well you are just a big vagina”. We had a giggle, and then I reminded him he was not to use these words like that, particularly at school. Again he paused, before stating “but I must be able to tell my friends what it means they need to know the proper words too”. Hmmmm, a very amusing car journey and certainly passed the time to the supermarket.


Mummy you have a white hair

My eldest was beside herself with excitement last night. While typing her most recently read book onto the mythical maze reading challenge, “oh my mummy, you have a white hair, just like Elsa” she exclaimed with great excitement and wonder”
She kept pointing at it and stroking it. When I told her it was because I was getting old.
“Not really mummy you are just like Elsa, I wonder if you have more, let me look”

She surpassed herself yesterday, as she hugged me at bath time, saying
“Oh mummy don’t worry you are definitely not as fat as that fat person”

Who she was on about I have no idea, but what a day for compliments…