My baby kiddiewink wears glasses…

Late afternoon we got the phone call I have been eagerly awaiting; kiddiewink 3’s glasses had arrived. The lady we usually deal with had already left for the day so I was faced with a dilemma, part of me wanted to wait until tomorrow when we were due to be going there for photoshoot for my eye test book and Sharon could fit them, but I couldn’t rest knowing they were there waiting!
The hubby also arrived home earlier than expected, meaning he would get to come with us! I have been both nervous and excited about getting glasses for my youngest so now was the moment of truth.

Excitingly kicking her legs and bouncing on my knee was her reaction to the new addition, she gazed around the room taking everything in. From that moment Our little superstar has hardly taken them off, occasionally she pulls them down but accepts them being put back up straight away! We honestly can’t believe it… she even wore them in the bath and when having her hair washed!

Kiddiewink 2 keeps telling her she looks beautiful and kiddiewink 1 is a bit miffed she hasn’t got them but is accepting it all pretty well really. We might have to save up to buy her a pair without prescription lenses, it would make her year!



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