Hospital appointments

Well tomorrow we are off to the orthoptist at Warrington hospital, we always have to be there ten minutes early so he can play with the toys. If not, we end up having to have a play after his appointment which seems absolutely bonkers! I always feel really nervous before them, worrying whether KW2 will conform and do the test properly. He always tries relatively hard but sometimes it is difficult to tell if he can’t do it, or if he is messing about.

He used to hate the part where they test each eye using a patch and pictures, which get increasingly smaller. He used to try and hide his face, shout out silly answers that weren’t one of the options, or just not speak. Generally I got him participating by telling him to shout the answer to daddy at work. Things also improved when I twigged if he arrived in his patch then we got the weaker eye picture test out of the way and done with, this help immensely. At the last two appointments he has firmly said

“come closer, I can’t see it” when the test has got a bit difficult. The first 12 months he made immense progress, but as expected, this progress has plateaued over the last few appointments, which has been somewhat disheartening. He is not due the prescription appointment until February so at least the the experience should be relatively short and sweet.

Bless his heart, he said at bedtime tonight, that he likes going to the hospital but doesn’t like his patch so wants the doctors to tell him no more patch! (Don’t we all… Can’t see it happening though!)


The appointment went well, a mini silly spell but was a happy little thing and seemed to quite enjoy himself. Progress with the patch has plateaued, but this does mean that he can now reduce it 2 hours. He proudly told Daddy about his appointment when he got home from work. A massive achievement though was that he managed to see some of the 3D test, for the first time he could point out which part of the insect stuck out, even trying to grab it.


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