Shhhh… it’s a secret!

We must be blinking mad! We have only gone and reserved a puppy! A gorgeous white and brown sprocker. 

We have contemplated getting a dog for years, but have never been able to due to both working full time with long hours. Not to mention three young children. A dog sadly didn’t fit in with our lifestyle. The eldest, is dog mad, and happily accompanies my sister and her dog on walks. To be fair, she is actually quite obsessed, and I am pretty sure she will be an absolute nightmare when the puppy arrives. Something tells me she will get more than a tad possessive, and I sense lots of tearful outbursts when the puppy needs a break from cuddles, or worse still a sibling is having quality puppy time!

With work circumstances changing, it now means the majority of the time, someone will be home with the dog; certainly while he is very young and being trained. Moving house, has also meant we now walk to and from school everyday. In theory, as long as he is well trained, he will accompany us, meaning a guarantee 40 minute exercise, and there are lots of lovely local walks to do morning/evening, long and short. I know it will be a challenge juggling 3 children, 1 dog, 2 cats, 3 rats and lots of fish, but life certainly won’t be boring haha

Three weeks on Sunday (not that I am excited or anything). So any top tips, things to buy/not to buy are more than welcome!

Now to think of a name- Cosmo, Marley, Murphy, Bentley, Rambo, Otis….


Zoobug treats for the kiddiewinks

We have always stuck with what we know works for our children, glasses wise. My two kiddiewinks in glasses, have very strong prescriptions so the lenses are heavy  and thick; can’t afford or justify the expense of thinning them at the moment. Thin wire/metal frames are a no no and we have stuck to Tomato glasses and centrostyle. The lovely people at Zoobug sent us some of their fabulous and quirky glasses to try, not only did they send specs for my two glasses wearing kiddiewinks, they also sent a pair of beautifully sunglasses for my eldest so she didn’t feel left out!

Little man’s were perfect and his pals call them his owl glasses, as they think he looks like an owl! The opticians and hospital we both impressed with the fit, style and durability!

Little ladies glasses weren’t the right style for her, and the thick lenses wouldn’t work, she looked over the top with the, being a smaller frame! So eldest has claimed them as her glasses, they really suit her, despite having Zoobug etched into the clear glass.



As for the sunglasses, they are a huge hit! Gorgeous! I am still slightly perturbed that her glasses are worth more than mine .