These are brilliant and make such a difference to my little boy. We are lucky enough to get them from the hospital but I know not all hospitals offer these. It’s such a shame as they are so much more exciting than your plain patch. If you are not fortunate enough to get them for free, you can order them online and there are reward charts available.



I really think they should be offered to all young children as it makes patching more fun. Obviously we still have days where he doesn’t want his patch, but that element of choice encourages him to do it, even though he doesn’t like it. In the early stages he said they hurt when taking them off, so we now stick them on our trouser leg before applying. KW2 peels them off himself quite happily, well not exactly happily, but you know what I mean. Invariably we have also had spells where he wants only a certain patch and we have none of that kind due to the fact he has worn nothing but those for a week! That involves some serious negotiating and coercing.
Last time we went to the hospital they only had the style we have had the last three visits, or a girlie box. He chose the girlie box, much to his sister’s excitement.

An image of some  of the designs…



Kiddiwink 2 choosing a patch video

Choosing a patch





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