I am a thirty something mummy, to three lively and entertaining bundles of energy;my kiddiewinks, my munchkins.

Eldest Kiddiewink- little girl Age 7 (almost 8 in her eyes)- she may also be referred to as kiddiewink 1 (KW1)

Little man- little boy, age 5 and a half- kiddiewink 2 (KW2)

Littlest kiddiewink -little girl, just turned 2. Kiddiewink 3 (KW3) 

I am working mummy; a primary school teacher and love my job. Blogging is something I enjoy and it’s when I get my  ‘me’ time.  We are happy to talk about anything related to kiddiewinks and are PR friendly. We are happy to review products and services, and would love to work with more of you. 

 Some of my ramblings may help others, some written because it has made me smile, and some you will have no interest in whatsover, for that I apologise in advance. All things on here will be linked to kiddiewinks in some way though, hence the name.

You can contact me at


I am passionate about Kiddiewink’s eye sight, and have a sister page https://kiddiewinksvision.com, come and take a nosey. I hope to raise awareness of getting little ones tested early, the early problems are detected, the better.

I do not profess to be an outstanding writer, far from it, but I write from the heart, and and opinions you see will be my own. I have very little time for editing, proof reading etc so my writing may not always flow but I will be writing about life involving kiddiewinks. Some of the things I share and post, you might relate to, some you might thing is a load of b*****ks. Either way we would love to hear from you.



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