Hi-Tec Hiking Boots Review

A while ago we were sent a pair of hiking boots for review. Stupidly, I ordered then for the hubby, who was a nightmare to pin down to do the photos. It didn’t help that we had kiddiewinks with uti’s, chicken pox and crazily busy schedules! Note to self- never order for the hubby again, as fitting things in, all five of us, is a challenge these days. Hubby has size 12 feet but they are very wide, and he has always had trouble getting comfy shoes, especially walking boots. We were both very impressed with the quality and simple look of the boots and he can’t get over how comfy they are. Not too heavy cumbersome. They look pretty smart and are completely neutral both are always a bonus.


When walking through puddles, the rain and mud just seem to slide seemlessly off the boots, leaving them clean and dry, even now after several uses, they are not cakes in mud, like my old boots. Even I can vouch for them now as I wo a pair of the woman’s (brand new) while working with a group of teenagers in July, the outward bounds centre had just bought in a batch of hi tech hiking boots, comfortable does not come close. Without any wearing in, I managed  to walk up Snowdon in them and they stayed waterproof and comfortable right up to the end, when my right one started to get soggy, pretty impressive considering I had had them on all day in torrential rain! I for one, will definitely be buying a pair for myself and am pretty gutted I got a pair for my hubby to try out not me. Simple, well priced and highly effective is how I would sum them up! 

Just a bit of slow motion footage, which will hopefully show how the mud and water just glides off them…

Although we were sent the boots for the purpose of the review, all opinions are my own!


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