Christmas smiles

On the eighth day of advent my kiddiewinks brought to me

8 smiles of Christmas

7 advent calendars

6 ways to Christmas calm

5 Christmas lists

4 early mornings

3 spectacled reindeer

2 toilet decorations

And a tantrum about the Christmas tree

8 smiles of Christmas

1) Little kiddiewinks in a nativity- so much to smile about! It was little man’s first school nativity today and it really did make you smile; such a lot of lovely little characters all performing in their own little ways, priceless!image

2) twinkly Christmas trees- whether you bling it up; tinsel it up; lametta it up(just discovered what this is); carefully colour co-ordinate or have Christmas chaos on a tree, they all look totally awesome with their twinkly lights. IMG_2322-0

3) singing decorations- as much as these annoy the hell out of me, and really grate on the hubby. They also make us both smile, brilliant when little kiddiewinks dance along to their favourite ornamentimage

4)booze, booze and more booze-baileys hot chocolate, calypso coffees, glue wein… All allowed too because it’s December.image

5) food- pate, cheese, turkey and stuffing butties, cauliflower cheese, cold roast potatoes, chocolate orange, selection boxes. I love it all! I also love the fact there is so much more choice, not to mention Christmas calories don’t count, they are allowed. (The other big plus is plenty of treats to bribe he kiddiewinks with).image

6)family and friends-chance for the kiddiewinks to cause carnage with friends, chance to visit people, chance to socialise! (We don’t ‘go out’ very often but so many reasons to go out over the Christmas period)image

7) sparkly houses and gardens- journeys are so much prettier at the moment, lots of sparkly lights to look at. The kiddiewinks love it, kiddiewink 3 has discovered the word ‘cool’, and every decorated house is treated to the word.image

8) walks in the crisp, fresh winter air. Woolly hats, scarves and gloves(if we can find a pair), beautiful scenery. ( we never of course have deep mud, rain and moaning kiddiewinks in this ideal).image




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