Christmas tree up and the return of Elf on the Shelf

On the first day of advent my kiddiewinks brought to me…

…A tantrum about the Christmas tree. 

As well as opening the advent calendars, the kiddiewinks got chance to decorate the tree. It was up as a surprise when they got home from school, just an asda fake cheapie, but with moving we can’t justify a real one this year. Our little tree looks very tiny in our new house! Little man couldn’t get over the fact it was the same tree. To be fair, they got on happily decorating together, until littlest kiddiewink decided to start table climbing, taking off what they were putting on,and throwing the baubles on with great glee. They always cope very well with anything and gently persuade her otherwise, making avert sweet fussed her. Instead they save their annoyance and ‘crossness’ for each other. And as predicted, shortly after this, a shouting argument ensued over tinsel.

The other 1st December tradition is the visit of a little elf; for the last three years Sam had visited our house, last year when he left, he wrote to the family saying we were welcome to change his name this Christmas. (More on the Elf later, he deserves his own post).

And so we welcome Tink to the family for the next 24 days. Cue lots of middle of the night waking panicking whether we had moved him.  



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