Advent calendar crazy…

On the seventh day of advent my kiddiewinks brought to me

7 advent calendars

6 ways to Christmas calm

5 Christmas lists

4 early mornings

3 spectacled reindeer

2 toilet decorations

And a tantrum about the Christmas tree.

Yes, this year we have seven advent calendars in our house. Do I think this excessive? Of course I do, but it just sort of happened…

1 )We have had a cloth advent calendar for years and years, granny always buys the chocolates for it.

2) a gorgeous wooden calendar (again courtesy of granny)

3, 4 and 5) thorntons chocolate calendars courtesy of Grandma (apparently little man told her to remember to buy them one)

6 and 7) playmobile advent calendars .As the kiddiewinks finally have their own rooms I treated them both to one (bought when on offer for £9.99). Poor littlest kiddiewink didn’t get a WOW one as they were extortionate!



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