Family Christmas Wish list

On the fifth day of advent my kiddiewinks brought to me 

5 Christmas lists,

4 early mornings

3 spectacled reindeer

2 Santa decorations

And a tantrum round the Christmas tree

This year I thought I would share our Christmas wish list, top five things for our family of five. We tend to make gifts with the kiddiewinks for auntie and uncles, and in turn they just buy gifts for the children, it all gets crazy otherwise and our family make Christmas about the kiddiewinks. So mummy and daddy’s wish lists are more pipe dreams than anything else…


1) sleep- a lovely lie in with breakfast on bed please!

2) a relaxing spa break and pamper- hair and nails done would be great to make me feel less like a scummy mummy 


3) s’no queen sexy thermals- these are totally awesome and after reading Sadie’s review at Fit for parenting, these are definitely on my wish list! Despite, never having never been skiing, these are just fab, even for the school run ;  ) but for those skiers among you, these are a must. At over £100 for the set, it is definitely something I can’t just treat myself to, so on my wish list it goes.

4) pandora charm- my mum and sister treated me to a long awaited pandora when the littlest was born. I still only have 4 charms, so would love a few more to bling it up

5) a family escape to London- I would love to take the family to London for a weekend; see a show, meal out, hotel and explore but money won’t stretch to it at the  moment . So this is definitely on my Christmas wish list( pretty please Santa) 



1) sleep and a long lie in

2) a tidy house all the time (haha, he can dream)

3)x box 360- he would absolutely love one! Again, he can dream

4) Victotinox Swiss army watch– hubby currently doesn’t have a watch, and he took a particular shine to this one the other day. This looks a bit like the one he broke, but it is on a whole other level of watch! Lots of choice on the precision time website all authentic, brilliant sale on at the minute too. If you have a spare couple of thousand, there are some amazing ones to be had.


5) a pressure washer- couldn’t believe this was high on his list but apparantly he wants one for the patio and cars!

Kiddiewink 1(seven)

1)password secret diary 


2)Blu blu dolphin- as much as she would like it. Call me a cruel mummy, but she is not having it, she will play with it for a few days tops! I have told her I sent a message to Santa with the elf, saying it was too babyish for her. 

 3) family trip to London- she wants to be the know it all to her brother, as she’s already been.

4)Lego City- we discovered on little mans birthday, that she is desperate for some of the Lego city range, cue lots and lots and lots of tears when  he got a space rocket and a police helicopter. 

 5)a pet rat- she has wanted a little pet for ages. Luckily, pets at home persuaded her against hamsters so she is now eagerly anticipating a cheeky rat, or two(they are better in pairs)  

Kiddiewink 2 (five)

1) Lego City swamp

2) a gold power ranger costume – unfortunately these do not exist. However, when I explained this to little man, his reponse was that Father Christmas was magic, so he could make on(hmmmmm, wish us luck with that one) 


3) performing arts classes-a born performer who would love some fun lessons; confident is one word that could be used to describe him.

4)a new light on his bedroom ceiling; we recently moved and the light is not exactly to his taste.

5) The next book in ‘The Faraway Tree, Endi Blyton’ series; given we have read the three books in the series already, he could be waiting a long time. 


Kiddiewink 3 (22 months )

1) a spare of the bunny she takes everywhere -typically she adopted it after next stopped doing them, their newer version just doesn’t put cut it and we are totally screwed if she loses it.


2) a power ranger of her own ( sheis always nicking her brothers) what’s the betting she still wants theirs?

3)a pet of her own (she wouldn’t be fussy: a dog, sheep, horse…) 

 4) chocolate and lots of it (again she wouldn’t be picky, anything chocolate will do)

5) paw patrol on DVD (although daddy also loves it dearly, I am pretty sure this will be vetoed)!


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