Zero waste week- make a pledge

As it is zero waste week, I am determined to make a change..
We already use reusable nappies and this has had a massive impact on our black bin! It went from full to almost empty (not to mention no nasty whiffs)


Recently I began using reusable wipes as I was finding putting wipes in a nappy bag when out and about, and at home, a total pain,not to mention the use of a nappy bag, made me feel I was defeating the purpose of using cloth nappies. I ordered two sets of beautiful ones from weenotions, but hubby felt they were too small to be effective, he also felt we didn’t have enough to make it worth while using them, as we were always running out. My solution was not to stop using them, but to instead buy more, hahaha. This time I kept a search on the preloved sites and found 25 cheeky wipes for £10 including postage, bargain and they are like new, they are also not far off double the size of the weenotions wipes (although not as pretty). We  use them for bums, hands and face, highchairs, they are washed at 60 degrees and smell super fresh after washing, we then just pop them back in the wipe Tupperware. Sometimes we just use water, chamomile tea or a mix of tea and coconut oil, we just keep trying new solutions. For out and about I had a mini wipe bag which worked brilliantly for the clean wipes, I then threw the dirty ones in the nappy wet bag. ( I say had, as I have misplaced it and am finding out and about a bit more of a pain again). Hubby is still not convinced by them (out of stubbornness I think) and I caught him whispering to KW3 this morning, that he would buy her a packet of wipes today so she wasn’t to worry! I haven’t bought a pack of wipes for over a month and I am not about to start again now!


I could pledge to make sure I didn’t use plastic bags again, but I have been trying this for years, and regularly forget the bags for life and have to resort to supermarket plastic bags, oops! I will try harder though!

Reusable/ cloth sanitary protection (CSP) is something I don’t think I am prepared to tackle just at the moment, maybe sometime in the future. But for me, I find it all a bit icky and the thought of soaking and then washing etc just feels me with dread, the less I experience of the joy that is my period the better! The materials do look very pretty and soft but as I am more of a tampax girl, the whole CSP is not really for me, although pantiliner a I may consider…


So the small changes I am currently debating are reusable kitchen roll and reusable sandwich bags/ covers. Alongside careful meal planning so less food waste.

The reusable kitchen roll will have to wait until I am back at work to invest in but in theory is sounds pretty good.



My pledge is going to be to use less materials in packed lunches for myself, hubby and KW2 ( KW1 has school dinners). So I am going to Order some of the nice reusable sandwich bags to begin with…


It is definitely important that everyone tries to create less waste and even just a small step is closer to zero than before…



Hubby has decided to get involved so has finally set up a compost bin, so we will have less food waste too!


One thought on “Zero waste week- make a pledge

  1. rachellestrauss says:

    What brilliant swaps you have made and I’m so glad you find the wipes to be just as effective as disposable ones. You don’t need to buy reusable kitchen towel, just use old cloths – old t-shirts cut up is a budget friendly option 🙂 Thanks so much for taking part in Zero Waste Week and sharing with your readers 🙂

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