Christmas money spent on glasses-bless!

My eldest kiddiewink has been desperate for glasses since she was three; even more so since both her siblings have them. Everytime she is tested, disappoint is etched on her face, when they tell her her eyes are perfect! This time she had a back up I plan, on being told she didn’t need them, she replied that was fine as she was going to use christmas money to buy some. Despite the staff trying to convince her she wanted to spend it on something else, she was not to be swayed and her first pair of clear lens glasses was ordered.
Days were counted down until their arrival and the opticians made a lovely fuss of fitting them and telling her about glasses care. She was over the moon and I am so pleased. Two weeks on and the novelty has worn off and she longer wears them everyday for school. I think she is just happy to be like her siblings when she chooses to be.






Prescription upped and traumas with patching…

Kiddiewink 3 had another eye test on Saturday, to check how she was adjusting to her glasses. She is brilliant keeping them on, but the test showed that there is still a significant amount of far sightedness there, so her prescription is being upped to +9 from +7. I had expected this as the initial test showed her to be +11! Fingers crossed it doesn’t need upping much more! She is a star and so far no battles with wearing them!

Kiddiewink 2 is going through a bit of a defiant mood and is resisting the patch big time. “patch time” “no it’s not” shouted crossly with stamping feet. he has now taken himself up to his bedroom to play to avoid the patch a little longer! He will do anything at the minute to procrastinate and when not at pre school, it often is going on around 3pm rather than first thing in the morning. Not that it matters, but I have started dreading the battle again! I really do feel for him! Fingers crossed, it reduces not increases at the appointment on Friday!

videos of the start of kiddiewink 2’s resistance

Beginning patch procrastination

patching procrastination

Desperate for glasses…

Kiddiewink 1 is desperate for glasses and once she spotted her brothers lenses had fallen out, she seems to have bagsied them for herself.
“If I have pretend glasses on at the Halloween party, can you tell my friends they are reading glasses. I want you to tell them that, can you?”
“But you haven’t got any pretend glasses”
She then held up her brothers glasses without the lenses haha.

She then insisted on wearing them to the bonfire, with a tutu donated by a friend! She looked cracking lol.

She wore them all weekend and I was just hoping the novelty would wear off, luckily but Monday she seemed to be over it, and they have not been put on again!




The photoshoot for our book

Over the past few months (while on maternity leave), I have been putting together a book to raise awareness of getting little ones eyes tested. It will hopefully also help children and parents no what to expect. So many people are unaware it is even possible to test children who can’t read and talk, and are always intrigued how we knew they needed glasses. In a nutshell we didn’t know; there was a sign with KW2 but I was totally unaware with KW3! On my main vision page, ‘All things related to Kiddiewink’s Vision’ it explains more about getting them tested and why I believe it is so important and how I find the current guidance confusing and not good enough!

The book is called ‘Alfie Talks About… Eye Tests’ and I am just weighing up the most economical way of printing and publishing for those people who want it. Self publishing is easier but can be more costly to produce, I also can’t do the suprise on the back page if I self-publish, decisions, decisions…  Initially the book was just a record for us, but a number of people, opticians, schools etc have said they would love a copy, so now I need to work out the most economical way. If anyone has any tips or advice, I would love to hear it.

Below is a sneak preview of some of the shots that were taken, I can’t include any I am using in the book, so here are some of the ones we are not using.

Utterly amazed

Kiddiewink 3 has taken to her glasses like a duck to water. Since the moment she put them on she has barely pulled them down. The times she has, it has been when sat in the car, or rubbing her eyes. Absolutely speechless…we were honestly expecting to be met with a minibattle, or at least a little resistance, but no, she simply wears them… Admittedly that may not always be the case, but for now she is happy. Relieved is an understatement.

My baby kiddiewink wears glasses…

Late afternoon we got the phone call I have been eagerly awaiting; kiddiewink 3’s glasses had arrived. The lady we usually deal with had already left for the day so I was faced with a dilemma, part of me wanted to wait until tomorrow when we were due to be going there for photoshoot for my eye test book and Sharon could fit them, but I couldn’t rest knowing they were there waiting!
The hubby also arrived home earlier than expected, meaning he would get to come with us! I have been both nervous and excited about getting glasses for my youngest so now was the moment of truth.

Excitingly kicking her legs and bouncing on my knee was her reaction to the new addition, she gazed around the room taking everything in. From that moment Our little superstar has hardly taken them off, occasionally she pulls them down but accepts them being put back up straight away! We honestly can’t believe it… she even wore them in the bath and when having her hair washed!

Kiddiewink 2 keeps telling her she looks beautiful and kiddiewink 1 is a bit miffed she hasn’t got them but is accepting it all pretty well really. We might have to save up to buy her a pair without prescription lenses, it would make her year!


They have arrived!

So…. Just had a phone call from the opticians to say Kiddiewink 3’s glasses have arrived! The main lady we deal with has left for the day but is in tomorrow, I feel really guilty but I can’t wait that long! We are having the photoshoot for the book tomorrow so I know it would make sense to wait but I don’t think I can! If hubby gets home before they shut I will go tonight so hubby can be there, if not at least we can get professional pictures of the moment she puts them on! If she does get them, we can recreate the moment tomorrow!

Can’t believe how excited I am, like a kid at Christmas haha.