House of Twits app -review

Being huge Roald Dahl fans, we were excited to be invited to try the new app, all based on ‘The Twits’ (Hubby’s all time favourite). We jumped at the chance, and over the last twenty four hours, we have all had a go at playing tricks on Mrs Twit.

The illustrations are awesome, and the sound effects and background music add to the whole feel of the app.

How it works

Work your way around the different rooms playing tricks on Mrs Twit, to generate points and eventually unlock more rooms and Mr Twit. We haven’t got that far yet, but the kids have loved feeding Mrs Twit maggots and mouldy cornflakes, hiding buckets of water and wasps nests in cupboards, and spotting upside down monkeys.

image.pngIt took my 7 year old a little while and little help from me to figure out what to do, but her eleven year old cousin mastered it easily (he felt it was a bit young for him).

The recommended age 6-11 but any app savvy fun loving primary school child could have a good go.

We can’t wait to work our way through more of the app and it is a perfect addition for any Roald Dahl lover. Excellent value at £2.99 too!

In case I haven’t convinced you, you can watch the trailer below.

It can be purchased fm the App Store



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