Patching Traumas


Little man finished patching about 18 months ago, but we were told at his last appointment to try it again for Just an hour a day, but not to worry if he becomes distressed. Although,last time, he disliked having it on,our not giving in attitude worked and we wore it every single day, for a spell he even managed 8 hours a day. Now he is five, he is somewhat more wilful and we are having a real battle! Fortunately, his school are amazing and have offered to help, so he now has the choice, if he doesn’t wear it after school, he has to wear it at school the next day. Initially, wearing at school was not an option, he inside it had to be at home, but after several evenings of resistance, he has chosen to wear it a school today, hmmmm we will see at pick up how it went….

A kind lady on the kids in specs Facebook page has sent us a selection of patches with different designs so I am hoping when he sees them this evening it might increase his motivation as he was totally bored of the designs.IMG_2215

How the children cope when designs are not available, I have no idea, I am just grateful that our hospital provides patterned ones.

For all those parents with  children currently patching, my thoughts are with you!


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