Swimming Pool obsessed!

Gone are the days of lovely long lie ins on holidays, and relaxing by the pool but we have only ourselves to blame, the third kiddiewink means no rest for the wicked. The eldest two kiddiewinks sleep happily until 9 but at half seven this morning we we’re woken to shouts from the travel cot “Go pool”, while peering up over the cot like a meerkat, we played dead! Luckily the meerkat gave up and went back to sleep until half eight. However by nine, she had grabbed her yellow float and set off running to the pool, this happens every morning and normally results in her having a quick dip in her nightie, I think she likes the water on her bare bum! As the outdoor pool is ultra close to our apartment we are on Kiddiewink 3 watch at all time. When not at the pool, she grabs any pool flotation device and just runs…. Yesterday, she got in, in her dress, so I quickly stripped and got in with her. The eldest two were less than impressed to see us swimming without them, so they too stripped off and jumped in for an extra cheeky dip. Kiddiewink three is obsessed and somewhat of a liability So Granny bought her a paddling pool for €2 and this is working some of the time. 



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