Meet the “chunky” family

Just now, while on holiday in Portugal, I asked my hubby to apply my sun cream. My eldest then announced “we’re the chunky family mummy”. When I asked her what she meant, she replied that myself, her and daddy all had chunky legs, all said while slapping her thighs. Now, I can get over what she said about me, but I am mortified she thinks it of herself, she is only seven! She tells me her two closest friends at school told her she had chunky legs, she doesn’t seem particularly bothered, but it does make me worry about body image and how whether these comments will affect her in the future. I have always worried about my weight, stupid I know, as I am only a size 12, but being short I do carry my weight on my thighs! Her smiling positive outlook on ‘chunky thighs’ is refreshing but I do worry whether it will last and she has a real complex about her fat fingers (which aren’t fat, but definitely not pianist hands). Why do people have to comment about size at all, especially when seven! But for now, I will settle for being the ‘chunky family’, and try and accept it as a positive?


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