The joys of a six year old in a bad mood


All the way home I was dying to see my kiddiewinks, I am then greeted with one very stroppy six year old. It is now bedtime and even she recognises she is in a bad mood, the littlest thing triggering a new batch of tears. I was in trouble for being the last mummy (out if her friends) to collect her from after school club! Typical, as while on maternity leave I was often in trouble for getting there too early!
On collecting her brother and sister from the childminder, she had a strop again when the childminder told me KW2 had had a cake with it being his birthday week.
She then cried about swimming lessons saying “I am going to not try because I don’t want to go up to stage five”. By this point she was just plain irritating me, so I pointed out how much I had been looking forward to seeing her…. Cue more tears about how she didn’t want to be in a bad mood.

On arrival home, Hubby decided he would take over as it was clearly my mood too. Quickly he changed his mind however, after several more tears outbursts… Her mood continued until asleep, with her sitting in the bath crying, on the nursery floor crying while I fed Kiddiewink 3.

Luckily she is not like this often but when she is…..



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