A labour of love…

I am no baker by any stretch of the imagination. Fairy cakes and your usual sponge is about my limit. Every year, however, without fail I am determined to make my kiddiewinks a cake. Kiddiewink 1 has always put in requests, and always likes me to make it. Kiddiewink 2 on the other hand, couldn’t give a monkeys. Despite this, I set myself my biggest challenge yet… A deep sea diver cake.

After lots of searching I came across one on a cake blog, it had instructions for some bits which made it much easier. For the sea creatures, I printed a template and then cut around it.

I am so proud of my scuba diver, I gave him a name… I had to make him a few days ago so he could harden, and I christened him ‘Sid’. Nobody is eating him ever!

Covering the cake was a nightmare, and due to not having enough hands it broke, some folded onto the chocolate buttercream and there was very nearly tears from me. Luckily, with a lot of delicate jiggery pockery, I covered it. I had no more so I was determined to try and salvage it. I am still a bit gutted about how that bit turned out but I am really pleased with the rest of it. To be honest, I am pretty useless with arts and crafty things, so this really was a challenge, and although by no means perfect, I am convinced and happy that Kiddiewink 2 will love it. ( He better had do, it cost enough time and money to make haha)









One thought on “A labour of love…

  1. I love home made cakes! We always had them and I’ve carried on with my daughter only last weekend making her a Princess Birthday Cake! Pics on my blog 🙂

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