So proud of my littlest Kiddiewink!

The opticians had a space a week earlier than planned, so we headed there after a settling in session with the childminder and adventure babies! She was an absolute superstar from start to finish! Not a tear or moan when the drops were put in, I then put her in my trusty mei tei and we headed to get her some lunch to pass the time. She sang away and then wolfed her lunch down in the waiting room. She didn’t moan once during the test and was fascinated by the different lenses and instruments used. The only slight difficulty was towards the end, when she just wanted to grab the torch so got a bit wriggly. Her prescription is as originally suspected +11 in both eyes, bless her little cotton socks, although her glasses will be +7, to take into account that babies are not usually prescribed unless they need a stronger prescription than +4.

She happily let Wendy and Sharon try pairs on her for size, and even smiled, it sounds daft but I am convinced she knows what a bit about what’s going on. She sees her brother wearing them and is fascinated by them, so fingers crossed she’ll take to them like a duck to water. We were advised to choose the ‘baby’ tomato Glasses first as they are super soft and flexible, not as much choice with only three colours but I trust Wendy’s judgement completely and we have plenty of time to choose from the wider range. We opted for the pink as my eldest saw her in the White when we took photos for my book and she didn’t like them. Now it is just a waiting game until they arrive…

On another note, we are getting the professional photos done next week for my book, which is very exciting indeed. Hopefully by Christmas I can have it on Amazon, if I decide I want to try the self publishing route, although the cardboard glasses to decorate and mirror I was hoping to include will be too difficult to organise this way, so they will have to feature for close family and friends, or people ordering direct from me!

Exciting times ahead, just a shame things will happen super slowly with me returning to work next week, I won’t have as much time to spend developing books and resources! Come on that lottery win….


If you like tomato glasses but your local optician doesn’t stock them you could ask them to order them from

Kiddiewink 3 after the drops, waiting for her eye test.


Housework with small children = nightmare!

My weekend trying to get stuff done last week really tested my patience. It doesn’t help that I am definitely not a Domestic Goddess and tend to flit about. To be honest I really just can’t be bothered with it! There is so much else I would rather be doing. The fact I dislike it too, is probably picked up on by my kiddiewinks and I am sure it makes them worse. Here are just a few examples I how they ‘try’ to help…

Tidying their room
Suddenly they want to play, Kiddiewink 2 in particular. He likes to get toys out as his sister is putting them away. They are so easily distracted from the task in hand thought; finding a toy they suddenly need to play with, finding a pen and starting to write, just generally faffing. (I can’t think who they get that from ; ) )

Sometimes KW1 is amazing, she puts her tunes on (usually 1D, frozen or phineas and ferb) and tidies her room brilliantly with minimal guidance;we usually end up with the same track on repeat for quite awhile, but it seems to her get the job done.

Cleaning mirrors
The other day while doing jobs upstairs ,I caught wee man cleaning my wardrobe mirrors! Such a helpful boy, it’s just a shame he had decided to clean them with his spit and toilet roll; taking great pleasure in spitting directly onto the mirror. This then led onto a very entertaining discussion with his reflection in the mirror.
To see him helping

Kiddiewink 2 loves the Hoover and is always happy to help, he likes sucking up the big bits, it does take so much longer with him helping though! Kiddiewink 3 hates it, so is saved for when she is not around.

Entertain the baby
This is one job they both love doing and normally buys me a bit of time getting on. Invariably though it soon ends in an argument ( this is the main cause of their arguments).
“It’s my turn for her to look at me”
“I was singing to her…”
“She loves me more”
“No she loves me more”

In conclusion, my advice for housework if you have children is…

A) just don’t do it
b) pay someone to do it
C) hide the clutter in every available hidden space and forget about it.


I need ‘windowscreen wipers’

Kiddiewink 2 has decided today he needs windscreen wipers on his glasses. He hates his glasses getting wet in the rain, it’s one thing about glasses which really infuriates him. Clearly window screen wipers will solve it.

Dragons den here he comes…

Little does he know, his idea is a tad flawed, I have found some haha, although granted not quite what he had in mind. Oh to be early four again…


Returning to work

The day is looming on the horizon and the past nine months has gone far quicker than I would like! The last month I have found myself getting maudlin about what I am about to give up! I have loved being a ‘real mum’ and collecting my bigger kiddiewinks from school and preschool; the last month I have even helped in my eldest a class once a week! Lovely lazy mornings are about to come to an end, daytime naps with my baby(although, granted it didn’t happen much with number three), play dates, after school activities, all gone in the blink of an eye! Soon it will be chaotic rushed mornings with me out of the house by 7.30am and Granny taking over the school run and pick ups. My baby girl will no longer so dependent on me as the main adult in her life! That makes me sad! Not returning to work is not an option so 4 days a week it is.

A big hurdle we have to face is feeding. For the last month Kiddiewink 3 has refused a bottle, given she still has a morning and afternoon feed, my return to work may leave a hungry baby and a mummy with balloons for boobs at work!
I also didn’t realise for children under one, childminders ask you to provide all the babies food, cue a mega cookathon this week!

When Kiddiewink 3 is napping and I am putting off doing jobs in the house, I really think returning to work is for the best and I get quite excited at the thought, but when she is awake I look into her beautiful eyes and think how much I’ll miss her! Not to mention I am not sure how I will have time to work, so much child vision related stuff I want to finish, this will all be completed but may now take years, given my evenings will now be taken up with planning and marking!

But looking at the positives…
A) all the time I have with my kiddiewinks will become quality time.
B) I will have money again
C) I get to spend my days with 200+ other gorgeous kiddiewinks
D)less cleaning ( domestic goddess I am not)

Who am I kidding…. I am gutted my maternity leave is over but I know soon enough we will all have adapted and settled into our new routine!

Another two week wait…

Rushed to the opticians after school with the three children to get Poppy’s drop test. Unfortunately as the optometrist had been on holiday ad didn’t know poppy was booked in, they had no baby strength drops. I am really upset it has had to be delayed, irrationally so really. Not upset with them it’s not their fault, just upset we have to wait. All it means is delaying everything two weeks but I just wanted to get cracking. I am back at work in three weeks and had really hoped I would be the one who helped her adjust to them. I also wanted to be able to help her see clearly sooner rather than later. I know it’s only two weeks which is nothing in the grand scheme of things but right now it seems an eternity away!

Prescription Swimming Goggles

After lots of umming and ahhing, we have decided to take the plunge and order kiddiewink 2 some prescription swimming goggles. He loves swimming, particularly swimming under the water, he sees himself as a deep sea diver in training…


He can swim without armbands, not amazingly well, but he is getting better all the time, and he is desperate to get the stick from the bottom of the pool. He can do it with help but is not quite there. I have been watching him in his swimming lessons for awhile and occasionlly he seems to set off doing the wrong stroke and it has got me wondering if his ears aren’t enough to listen properly in the loud swimming pool enviroment. It could also be simply that he is a three year old not listening of course, but I am sure if he could see, focusing on the task in hand may be somewhat easier.

I asked him the other week if he could see what the instructors were doing, he looked at me like I was a complete muppet. “Nope because I haven’t got my glasses on have I”

I had seen people buying them online for a bargain price of £30, but these would only match the +7, +8 not the astigmatism. The optometrist explained that laws had changed and it shouldnt be possible to buy prescription eye products online for children, so I have decided to spend considerably more to get a pair properly fitted and to his exact prescription. It will cost around £100!(I could have a spa day and night in a hotel for the price of a pair of goggles-bonkers). But hopefully it will be worth it, hoping to bring his prescription check forward to ensure they are made with the most up to date prescription. It would be just our luck, that we’d order him some now, and then his prescription would change in February.

On another note, both children behaved quite embarrassingly at our last visit to the opticians. We had gone to try on goggles for KW2, so I suspect KW1 was bitter about that. But both of them were just a bit bratty really, although I think it was amplified because daddy was there. KW2 was stuffing his pockets with sweets and then arguing with his daddy about it, KW1 was trying on every pair of glasses she could but wanting us to admire each one. They weren’t particularly bad… No tantrums, (well not quite). The person we saw was different to the usual so KW1 was gutted as she had wanted to show her what the tooth fairy at brought her (don’t ask, that’s another story). KW2 was just complete blasé about the whole experience and a lot less chatty than usual, but again the staff member was quieter. I am hoping our next trip is better, although taking all three of them for KW3’s eye test tomorrow may be a challenge…


Just want to know now!

Now I know kiddiewink 3 is very far sighted, I just want to know how far sighted we are actually talking. +11 without drops so possibly even higher than that! I just keep looking at her and feeling sorry for her that she can’t see properly! She has been a bit of an unhappy bunny this last week; teething again I think, but I do keep thinking is it her eyes too (only now I know there is a problem). I am the type that once I know something,I just want to move forward and sort it, to say I am ‘doing the hubby’s head in’ is putting it mildly, I can’t stop talking about it and just want to know now and have her glasses NOW!

Despite not realising she couldn’t see clearly, now I know I am seeing signs. Whether they are only just happening, or whether it is my heightened awareness I am not sure. But Now when I watch her playing with her toys, I watch her eyes intently and I they do indeed go a little cross eyed the closer the toy gets to the face. She also rubs her eyes a lot -which can also be a sign! Having one kiddie wink in glasses already I thought I was paranoid and on one occasion prior to her eye test, she did go cross eyed, I even got it on camera. Everyone reassured me that she was just getting used to seeing her thumb when sucking it! I did wonder then, but forgot about it, as she never did it after thwt, she also seems so interested in everything around her. She looks and grabs everything she sees and smiles at everybody.

I am starting to get nervous about tomorrow. What if her eyes are considerably worse than initially suggested? What if there is a bigger problem? How will she find the drops? Will her glasses look daft with milk bottle lenses? Will we get her to keep them on?
Will Wendy even be happy to prescribe her? She was so far sighted she was going to discuss her case with other professionals before she was happy to prescribe her, with her being so tiny, if they are not sure either, we would have to wait for the hospital appointment, I so hope that isn’t the case though, as the it could be 13 weeks.

Keeping everything crossed that tomorrow goes smoothly…