When I grow up I want to be…

Kiddiewink 1 wants to be a teacher like her mummy, although I am sure that will change.
Kiddiewink 2 wants to be a deep sea diver, and has done for two years now! He is a keen swimmer and mainly swims with his head under water, he sometimes stops and it looks like he is drowning! When you try and ‘rescue’ him, he bats you away, insisting he is trying to see the interesting things on the bottom! Bless his little cotton socks, imagine the excitement when he gets his prescription goggles and he can actually see the bottom clearly!

Today is book day at pre school….. No surprises there, once again he is the deep sea diver from Tiddler. Bad mummy didn’t think though, I should have fashioned an oxygen pack using bottles, oh well there is always next time. He took a mermaid costume in his bag ‘in case I get bored of being a diver ‘ (also from tiddler). He even put on his turtle patch….



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