Returning to work

The day is looming on the horizon and the past nine months has gone far quicker than I would like! The last month I have found myself getting maudlin about what I am about to give up! I have loved being a ‘real mum’ and collecting my bigger kiddiewinks from school and preschool; the last month I have even helped in my eldest a class once a week! Lovely lazy mornings are about to come to an end, daytime naps with my baby(although, granted it didn’t happen much with number three), play dates, after school activities, all gone in the blink of an eye! Soon it will be chaotic rushed mornings with me out of the house by 7.30am and Granny taking over the school run and pick ups. My baby girl will no longer so dependent on me as the main adult in her life! That makes me sad! Not returning to work is not an option so 4 days a week it is.

A big hurdle we have to face is feeding. For the last month Kiddiewink 3 has refused a bottle, given she still has a morning and afternoon feed, my return to work may leave a hungry baby and a mummy with balloons for boobs at work!
I also didn’t realise for children under one, childminders ask you to provide all the babies food, cue a mega cookathon this week!

When Kiddiewink 3 is napping and I am putting off doing jobs in the house, I really think returning to work is for the best and I get quite excited at the thought, but when she is awake I look into her beautiful eyes and think how much I’ll miss her! Not to mention I am not sure how I will have time to work, so much child vision related stuff I want to finish, this will all be completed but may now take years, given my evenings will now be taken up with planning and marking!

But looking at the positives…
A) all the time I have with my kiddiewinks will become quality time.
B) I will have money again
C) I get to spend my days with 200+ other gorgeous kiddiewinks
D)less cleaning ( domestic goddess I am not)

Who am I kidding…. I am gutted my maternity leave is over but I know soon enough we will all have adapted and settled into our new routine!


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