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KW1 took part in a frozen workshop today and actually took part in the show at the end! This is major leap for her and I am chuffed to bits for her! All credit to YSBD’s team, no one else as ever got her performing to an audience. She was stagestruck in a class assembly, bless her! She enjoys practising, she doesn’t like the shows. Only the other week, she stated very firmly that the only shows she would ever do, were the stupid shows she had to do at school.

After the photoshoot with Starwinkle Photography yesterday, she announced if she was brave enough to have her photo taken, she was brave enough to perform in the show. She woke up today convinced she was going to perform and she wanted me to watch. I peeked in before leaving school at lunchtime, she was crying and telling Hannah she didn’t want to do the show, she then clocked me and said the same. Reassured she didnt have to do the show, she carried on rehearsing, safe in the knowledge mummy wasn’t coming to the show, instead her best friends mum was taking her home.
Well, seems under the influence of YSBD, she happily performed. My friend videoed the show for us, I actually think had I gone, she would probably have got tearful and said she wasn’t doing it. She was so excited to show me the video and hasn’t stopped talking about it and demonstrating all the songs. Bless her; tuneful she isn’t! From doing the workshop KW1 has gained in confidence and self-esteem, so happy for her! I highly recommend looking out for other workshops in school holidays, kiddiwinks will love it.
One proud Kiddiewink and one proud Mummy.

YSBD workshop Ltd videos

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The workshop was run by YSBD Workshops Ltd (You Should be Dancing) and my little girl had a great time. Lots of singing and dancing, marshmallow olafs, and Olaf snowball throwers. The show was excellent by all accounts and on all the photographs the children look to be having lots of fun.
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