Christmas money spent on glasses-bless!

My eldest kiddiewink has been desperate for glasses since she was three; even more so since both her siblings have them. Everytime she is tested, disappoint is etched on her face, when they tell her her eyes are perfect! This time she had a back up I plan, on being told she didn’t need them, she replied that was fine as she was going to use christmas money to buy some. Despite the staff trying to convince her she wanted to spend it on something else, she was not to be swayed and her first pair of clear lens glasses was ordered.
Days were counted down until their arrival and the opticians made a lovely fuss of fitting them and telling her about glasses care. She was over the moon and I am so pleased. Two weeks on and the novelty has worn off and she longer wears them everyday for school. I think she is just happy to be like her siblings when she chooses to be.