Patching is pants

Kiddiewink 2 has been supposed to patch since July, just an hour a day. Although this is nothing, compared to the 8 hour we used to have to do, little man has still posed a lot of resistance! In the end we agreed to try a few hours at school, to avoid the trauma at home! It works! He is still not keen, but the interest and fuss from the teachers and other kids has really helped! He takes a selection in so he can choose, he has even been wearing it for 2 hours so we don’t have to do it at the weekend. We had his most recent check up on Friday- we were all hoping the patching could be stopped again, but Sadly that is not to be. He didn’t perform as well, as at his last test (however he was a bit giddy and silly but the time they tested the left eye). Anyway, the upshot is, he needs it at least 2 hours a day, including weekends- little man is not a happy bunny, he says he hate it.

Saturday, I managed to get it on him eventually, although I did pin him down (oops), but once it’s on, he is okay. Sunday, was much the same with a few extra tears and shouts thrown in for good measure. But the second weekend he seems to have accepted it and choices when he would like to wear it, last Sunday he out it off all day, so in the end he was stuck wearing it to a birthday party “but mummy I won’t look good, I don’t want to wear it, I won’t look cool anymore”, he wore it though and once there, it didn’t bother him.

¬†Bribery is working! We have a patch chart on the fridge and when it is full, he has chosen the reward of taking his family to Splash landings waterpark at Alton Towers. This has the added incentive of the whole family encouraging him; he is water mad and it seems to be doing the trick.. Also, some brand new patch designs from Swedan has helped, if only we can get them here. All this is working for now….