Wyevale Garden centre Spring Week


 We were recently invited to take part in Spring week at our local Wyevale garden Centre (Altrincham). It was a lovely session but not enough time had been planned. I don’t think the garden centre had anticipated it taking quite so long to paint a gnome- we had been allocated fifteen minutes, but we were still at it forty-five minutes later, luckily it was quiet so we weren’t rushed. The only downside, was it took us awhile to locate the workshop, staff didn’t seem to know it was even going on. However, It is definitely worth popping in for one of their workshops if you live locally to a Wyevale Garden Centre- they over lots of different themed workshops during school holidays. Over Easter, we had the choice of Enchanted Gardens, tomato plants, or gnomes, we went for painting a gnome as it fit in with our calendar. We didn’t get an activity sheet though but the kid’s still loved it.

We also got to sample the cafe while there, the little man said the cheese sandwich was the best he had ever had, not sure why, but he enjoyed it! There was also a good choice of other items to add to their lunch bags. I had a cheese and spring onion which was yummy (although a tad overpriced).

Well worth trying one of their workshops as a bargain at £2.50 per child.

Have a look at their website to see what they are offering in the future http://www.wyevalegardencentres.co.uk/events

Excuse the short post with no photos, the camera ran out of juice!


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