Our family Easter Traditions

With Easter approaching, and my three kiddiewinks constantly asking what exciting things are we doing… It got me thinking about Easter traditions. As a child, my mum decorated the house for Easter and I loved it, it was a really special time and the excitement when we arrived home from school to bunnies, eggs and chicks everywhere, has stayed with me. But, do I do this for my kiddie winks? Sadly not, it is money we just don’t need to spend at the minute. Plus, as my hubby grew up in a house without Easter decorations, he doesn’t see the point (I will keep working on this though…). So it got me thinking how could we make our own Easter traditions? 


Easter Films

As a family we love films, and at Christmas we have particular favourites, but there is no Easter films as such, so my eldest and I have been trying to decide what makes a good Easter film. Animals are essential, as Easter is filled with animals… So here is the short list we came up with for films to watch at Easter…

  • Babe- filled with farm animals and super cute and cuddly
  • Watership down– cue lots of cute fluffy rabbits (if you can face the emotional turmoil for this one)
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- chocolate filled, need I say more.
  • Charlotte’s Web- just delightfu
  • Who framed Roger Rabbit- blimey I used to love this film
  • White chicks- * please note this was just for fun as white chicks is clearly not suitable for a young family

Hubby just wishes we had a brand new panasonic viera 4D Tv to watch them on, but I am always the ogre saying no! He really wishes we had the money to keep up to date with the latest gadgets and gizmos, I on the other hand, couldn’t really care less, as long as we have a TV I am happy. Although these do look pretty cool…

Easter Crafts

My kiddiewinks love craft, and I love doing them with them! However, as my hubby will vouch for me, I am not so keen on the clearing up and putting away, and glitter pots etc are often out long after they have been used. But it’s Easter so thats as much an excuse as any right… This year we are decorating eggs, but I am not faffing with the piercing and boiling nonsense, no way, I have purchased a pack of polystyrene eggs from tesco- genius idea

Easter Baking

This year (and pretty much every other year), we end up making Crispy cakes or cornflake cakes, with mini eggs and a token yellow chick. The kiddiewinks love making them, although littlest one ends flicking it on the floor. 

Bunny Hop

Our local town does a bunny hop around the shops, children find mystery letters and pick up chocolate treats along the way- fabulous fun!

All in all we will have a fabulous Easter, alongside going to church, we will have the family Easter hunt in the garden! Kiddiewinks are going to be crazy with excitement, I am just hoping the clock change means they won’t be up too early!

Disclaimer- this is a collaborative post






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