School run in pyjamas. Yes or No?

With it hitting the papers this week, about a school telling parents, pyjamas were not appropriate, and to get dressed, I thought hard about what my opinion actually was. Do I do the school run in my pyjamas? Do I heck. Do I judge people in their pyjamas? Well, I have to admit, I do a little bit! For me, it’s all about priorities, and if you can’t get ready with the kids round your ankles,making demands, them get up before the children do! It takes a few minutes to throw clothes on! 

I also understand however, that some people have a lot of shit to deal with, depression and illnesses affecting mobility, muscles etc and that can make it extra tricky, and yes I would rather see them taking children to school wearing pyjamas, than them keep them off or make them late. But, having said this, even then surely friends or family an help with the school run, if you are suffering so much you can’t get dressed!

While I Am on the subject of pyjamas…I regularly see people in shops in pyjamas too! Just, why? Why, oh why? Can you imagine your mum taking you shopping in her pyjamas years ago, the answer is probably not! It just didn’t happen,  and I am sure people of that generation had their own shit to deal with, but wouldn’t dream of leaving their house in their pyjamas. Pyjamas are night clothes, end of! It is only over the last few years I have witnessed it, is it a generation thing?

Who knows but I think the world has gone mad! Get dressed people,get dressed and set our children a positive example! For those with real and genuine health issues, I don’t mean you but the rest of you, sort it out! 



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