21 Reasons Rats Rock

21 Reasons Rats Rock

  1. Rats are super cute, we particularly like ‘Dumbo’ rats, and the babies are far cuter than we ever imagined.
  2. rats are super clever– the kiddiewinks can’t wait to train them to do tricks, they have spent a good hour making an obstacle course out of Lego.
  3. rats are super friendly if handled regularly in the first few weeks of life, these six week olds were super cuddly when we got them
  4. rats come in so many differs colours, and markings; I could have been tempted by lots
  5. Rats are said to be as ‘companionable‘ as dogs
  6. rats need human interaction- this is a huge reason to love them, they thrive on attention and interaction, with humans and other rats
  7. Rats are one of the cleanest pets you could own. They self groom constantly and can even be litter trained.
  8. Rats don’t shed fur, so if running on clothes, carpets and sofas there is no need to clear up hair and fur from anything!
  9. Rats eat anything, they aren’t picky at all.
  10. Rats don’t smell, they clean themselves regularly and are as clean as they can. Very little mess out of the cage ( so far, so good, but it is early days
  11. Rats bond and learn to really love and respond to their owners; just prepare your kiddiewinks for the fact that they will usually live for 2-3 years only! Focus on making its short life amazing.
  12. Rats can learn to live with other pets in the home… (Sometimes). Just hope our two cats end up loving them, so far so good, they have shown no interest in the rat scent whatsoever!
  13. rats respond to their name– Chase does it already,according to the eldest kiddiewink, apparently he is a natural!
  14. Rats love being on shoulders– this is a big reason to love them according to kiddiewink 2
  15. Rats have personalities– already one is cheeky, one cuddly and one confidently chilled

Post hijacked by eldest two kiddiewinks, they are now giving me their reasons and want me to type them for the post.

16. They curl up and cuddle on your arms.

17. They cheer us up when we cry

18. They tickle us when they are on our neck and shoulder

19.They are soft and cuddly

20. They can do tricks and we can make stuff for them to go on

21.The happier they are, the longer they will live

Rats really are the perfect family pet!





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