Unlucky daddy

On the thirteenth day of advent my kiddiewinks brought to me

13 is unlucky for daddy

12 days of Christmas

11 christmas carols

10 moments peace
9 Christmas cuddles

8 Christmas smiles

7 advent calendars

6 ways to Christmas calm

5 Christmas lists
4 early mornings

3 spectacled reindeer
2 toilet decorations

And a tantrum about the Christmas tree.

Well, the kiddiewinks were sent money to school to buy me and daddy Christmas presents, eldest was on mummy duty, little man was on daddy duty… He ran out of school proudly telling me he had got daddy two presents, peeking in the back I could see three. He replied, I bought myself one too, look! Such a character, it had me roaring! His sister was pretty incensed and felt daddy was unlucky to have got little man in charge of buying his presents!



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