New best friends

On the sixteenth day of advent, my kiddiewinks brought to me

16 tiny paw prints

15 pounds spent on ratties

14 rocks in a rucksack

13 is unlucky for daddy

12 days of Christmas

11 christmas carols

10 moments peace

9 Christmas cuddles

8 Christmas smiles

7 advent calendars

6 ways to Christmas calm

5 Christmas lists

4 early mornings

3 spectacled reindeer

2 toilet decorations

And a tantrum about the Christmas tree.

Our family now consists of two fish tanks, 2 cats and 3 rats, hence the 16 tiny paws. Both big kiddiewinks have got a it of stick about our pet choice but they don’t care. They have told everyone what a friendly pet they are and. Even the teachers have fought their corner. Dumbo rats are tame, fun and friendly by nature, as long as they get plenty of handling in The first few weeks of their life. All our research said to find a breeder, and by chance the perfect advert was opted in pets4homes- stating all babies Had been handled and were used to small children, perfect! Not only that, they got to choose the ones they wanted, the two became three, when mummy fell in love with one we were going to have to leave behind! We were all surprised by how cute, cuddly and friendly they already were. Three distinct personalities are already coming through.

Rubble- is little mans rat and he is an absolute nutter

 chase- is eldest kiddiewinks, and already likes to be chased before being held, he has a cool racing stripe on his back

 rocky -is just a cuddler and loves getting comfy on me or the hubby.

 These new additions are going to be very loved, and I know they will easily get the recommended hour a day of handling. Kiddiewinks are already keen to make an obstacle course…last night little lady came running downstairs excitedly

“Mummy, chase can already come to his name the cleve fellow, he is a natural” hubby and I were in fits of giggles.

There are some amazing videos on you tube, showing how cool rats are click here for rat tricks 

Useful websites for advice and Info about the cuties


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