Kiddiewinks Christmas Singing

On the eleventh day of advent my kiddiewinks brought to me

11 christmas carols

10 moments peace

9 Christmas cuddles
8 Christmas smiles
7 advent calendars
6 ways to Christmas calm
5 Christmas lists
4 early mornings
3 spectacled reindeer
2 toilet decorations
And a tantrum about the Christmas tree.

Christmas fever has begun in our house, not least because of Christmas nativities, christingle and carol concerts, kiddiewinks are constantly singing (with me joining them), much to the hubby’s annoyance! For me, Christmas songs have memories, so many memories

Here is little man singing a few of his favourites to get you in the Christmas mood…

1) when a child is born- wonderfully sung by a talented group of 7-11 year olds several  years ago, and a solo for the first verse was absolutely beautiful.

2) hallelujah-totally amazeballs and powerful when sung by little voices

3) we wish you a merry Christmas-has to be mentioned, one of our funny decorations plays this in silly chipmunk style voices.

4) silent night-like the German version stile nacht, the English always reminds me of a year group many moons ago who were not the keenest (singing)

5) holly and the ivy-this song has never been a favourite of mine, it has always grated on me, a bit like mistletoe and wine. At the moment, eldest kiddiewink is  is humming and singing this on repeat at the moment, as its part of the Carol concert! She is even annoying herself!

 6) Il est ne le divine enfant- A French carol I taught to the juniors and they nailed it, a truly beautiful song

7) jingle bells- eldest kiddiewink is learning this on the ukulele and recorder, not to mention the various rude and silly versions there are (my kiddiewinks particularly like ‘uncle bills lost his silly on the motorway, hey!)

8)Rudolph the red nose reindeer- I love the extra bits you can add in, kiddiewink 2 has several very amusing takes on it.

9) when Santa got stuck up the chimney-my kiddiewinks love it!

10) o come all ye faithful – this always makes me smile and I automatically go to sing it in an ‘opera voice’, and am always really tempted to sing in the twiddly soprano parts


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