Prescription goggles-are they worth it?

The first time he wore them

Mummy I can see” these were the words shouted by my four year old .after swimming underwater with his prescription goggles on!  Those four words made ‘prescription goggles’ for us, totally worth it.

Ordering prescription goggles

This was all a bit of a ball ache to be honest, but mainly because of mixed messages due to a change in legislation . Online retailers can no longer prescribe for children, and the cost at opticians seemed extortionate! If Kiddiewink 2 had been a mild prescription, we probably wouldn’t have bothered, but at +7, +8 and a crazy water baby we felt he needed them. Our local opticians ‘Wendy Diddams were amazing, as they always are, and ordered some in that would work for his prescription. One pair looked more ‘prescription’ than the other, and luckily the other pair fitted better, so he preferred them too.  


 They took a few weeks to arrive and obviously he didn’t see the benefit  until we actually went swimming. They were also somewhat more expensive than normal goggles too, which is frustrating but means he/we have really looked after them!

“Mummy I can see” priceless

Here is a video about why little man loves his goggles… Struggling to load the ones of him in the water but will update soon.

Little lady always wants to get in on the action too …



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