Molluscum contagiosum- never heard of it!

Molluscum contagiosum is a common childhood complaint, but unless your child has it, it’s something you are unlikely to have heard of.

  • My eldest was diagnosed with it at 4 or 5; I forget… It was behind both knees. It’s location meant that in hot weather it could become red and inflamed. She became quite irritated and uncomfy with it too, bless her! All has been gone a while now, but took between 12 and 18 months.     
  • Kiddiewink 2 got a cluster on his left side at about eighteen months; they cleared up about three. Before each one vanished it became very angry and yucky looking. He scratched a few and he has tiny little scars where they were.
  • Kiddiewink three started with it on her right shoulder at about 9 months and it has started to spread a bit to her neck and cheeks! Largely because her chubby cheeks and neck sometimes touch the spots! At the moment, I am just keeping my fingers crossed it doesn’t spread anymore.
  • IMG_4386

It is a very horrible looking skin condition and before they disappear they grow and become really angry looking. The hubby at this point is always desperate to squeeze them, he washed them off with a face cloth the other day and he was in big trouble with me and the elder siblings as they bled lots! Just hoping they don’t scar now. Doctors suggest you just leave them to go on their own-which annoyingly takes a long long time! Some people have found a special cream that gets rid of them sooner, and on different forums you will get all sorts suggested. A nasty thing to have but at least it doesn’t cause them any pain, it just looks unsightly.

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