Glasses broke; bank balance ruined.

Yesterday’s day at pre school as cost us £70! Somehow, my little boy got hit on the glasses with a wooden bat (apparently it was an accident). However it happened, they are completely and utterly broken, the arm snapped clean off : (
He (and we ) loved those glasses and they have now been discontinued so he can’t even get the same pair again. The opticians just rang to worn me the frames could not be repaired with the voucher so they were going to order him the black pair! As we have to pay again, we are popping back there later so he can at least choose another pair!

It’s so frustrating as he didn’t break them on purpose, in fact he has never broken a pair, but we now have a £70 bill, a bill we wouldn’t have if he didn’t wear glasses. In future, we could have two children breaking a pair and things are going to get very costly!
Essentially, our bank balance is being penalised because the children wear glasses and it feels so unfair. We can’t afford to pay £70 for another pair, he’s only had them 6 months!

Sorry about the rant, just feeling a bit hard done to!

Here is little man in his spare pair, he didn’t want to wear them, he says they feel too small…


Goodbye, favourite glasses, we will miss you!



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