Prescription upped and traumas with patching…

Kiddiewink 3 had another eye test on Saturday, to check how she was adjusting to her glasses. She is brilliant keeping them on, but the test showed that there is still a significant amount of far sightedness there, so her prescription is being upped to +9 from +7. I had expected this as the initial test showed her to be +11! Fingers crossed it doesn’t need upping much more! She is a star and so far no battles with wearing them!

Kiddiewink 2 is going through a bit of a defiant mood and is resisting the patch big time. “patch time” “no it’s not” shouted crossly with stamping feet. he has now taken himself up to his bedroom to play to avoid the patch a little longer! He will do anything at the minute to procrastinate and when not at pre school, it often is going on around 3pm rather than first thing in the morning. Not that it matters, but I have started dreading the battle again! I really do feel for him! Fingers crossed, it reduces not increases at the appointment on Friday!

videos of the start of kiddiewink 2’s resistance

Beginning patch procrastination

patching procrastination


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