Reflections on the eve of my return to being a working mummy…

The day has finally come for my return to work and although I know this is the way it has to be; this is what ultimately works for my family at the moment,  I will miss my babies so much! I will miss doing the things I always envisaged I would do when I became a mummy. The school runs, the after school activities, the play dates (for mummy and Kiddiewinks), walks to the park, homework and dinner before 6.30pm at night!
I want to be the one getting the smiles when The youngest wakes from a nap, the little conversations we have, the kisses and the cuddles. Not to mention the fact, I am still breastfeeding Kiddiewink 3 and she is not keen to take a bottle or cup of formula…
All of this has become a much cherished part of my life for 9 months and tomorrow it ends.

My heart aches when I think of leaving behind this new life. But I guess what I have to remember is, we are merely entering a new chapter of our family life, new exciting challenges…

Loving my job makes this next chapter a whole lot easier; not to mention the fact I am very happy with the childcare my kiddiewinks will get in my absence ( a combination of much loved Granny, after school clubs and or wonderful childminder.) They will flourish and that all makes the transitions easier. Domestic Goddess I am definitely not, cleaning is not something I do as often as I should and I am pretty good at productive avoidance tactics- this blog, the book being two of them. Now I get to sit and do school work on the sofa in the evening, while my brilliant husband cleans- win win on this score!
The main thing that will keep me going during the day is that I get to spend my day with 30 awesome kiddiewinks all with their own special personality. Encouraging their inquisitive minds and fostering a life long love of learning is such a cool thing to be doing and I love getting to know every single child in my school. My day will be a whirlwind of teaching, marking, little chats with children, displays, meetings, duties, clubs… I love the craziness and I actually think the craziness loves me too. I do think my job makes me a better person and ultimately a better mummy.

Every moment I have with them becomes special, I look forward to bed and bath time for a whole different reason. That becomes our quality time, it isn’t much during the week but it becomes our special time of giggles, cuddles, tickles, stories… It is no longer the ‘thank goodness I can get these monkeys in bed ‘ time.

So tomorrow morning, instead of doing the school run and getting stressed with parking, I will be tearful at leaving my babies during an inevitably chaotic morning(how ever organised I think I am). The kids will also inevitably not want to get up, having been up before seven all half term.
Maternity leave you have been amazing and now the juggling begins!














5 thoughts on “Reflections on the eve of my return to being a working mummy…

  1. I was a supply teacher before I had baby boy. I want to go back to work in education but supply teaching is not really suitable. So at the moment I have all of the working guilt without the job satisfaction. I hope that your first day back goes well. I’m sure your class will keep you busy. Enjoy!

  2. Mum of 3 kiddiewinks says:

    Fantastic first day back at work- really enjoyed it! Not so much the working on the sofa until nearly midnight, but the day went well! KW3 was a superstar and had a great day.
    My flash point is always the second I leave the school building; I just want to be home with their babies then and there!

  3. belindaaspinall says:

    What a lovely post, congratulations on your return and I really hope the juggling goes ok and you get used to it all. They are lucky to have you, both at home and at work.

  4. Oh wow – this brought back memories of when I had to return to work myself. I really feel for you as it’s so difficult. And from reading your beautiful post the memories of what I’m missing seem all the more real and current again. I’m so pleased though that you have a wonderful job that you rove and enjoy to go back to – otherwise I’m sure this would have made things doubly as hard. Thanks again for linking up a lovely post. #sundaystars xx Steph xx

  5. I hope your first day went well. This is such a positive post and you really have the right attitude thinking of it as a new chapter in your family life. I am always in awe of mothers who juggle so much. But it sounds like you have everything in place to make sure family life runs smoothly. Thanks so much for linking up with #SundaysStars. Hugs Mrs H xxxx PS Please can I ask that you add the #SundaysStars badge to the bottom of the post? Then we will receive the linky love too. Thanks so much xx 😄

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