Housework with small children = nightmare!

My weekend trying to get stuff done last week really tested my patience. It doesn’t help that I am definitely not a Domestic Goddess and tend to flit about. To be honest I really just can’t be bothered with it! There is so much else I would rather be doing. The fact I dislike it too, is probably picked up on by my kiddiewinks and I am sure it makes them worse. Here are just a few examples I how they ‘try’ to help…

Tidying their room
Suddenly they want to play, Kiddiewink 2 in particular. He likes to get toys out as his sister is putting them away. They are so easily distracted from the task in hand thought; finding a toy they suddenly need to play with, finding a pen and starting to write, just generally faffing. (I can’t think who they get that from ; ) )

Sometimes KW1 is amazing, she puts her tunes on (usually 1D, frozen or phineas and ferb) and tidies her room brilliantly with minimal guidance;we usually end up with the same track on repeat for quite awhile, but it seems to her get the job done.

Cleaning mirrors
The other day while doing jobs upstairs ,I caught wee man cleaning my wardrobe mirrors! Such a helpful boy, it’s just a shame he had decided to clean them with his spit and toilet roll; taking great pleasure in spitting directly onto the mirror. This then led onto a very entertaining discussion with his reflection in the mirror.
To see him helping

Kiddiewink 2 loves the Hoover and is always happy to help, he likes sucking up the big bits, it does take so much longer with him helping though! Kiddiewink 3 hates it, so is saved for when she is not around.

Entertain the baby
This is one job they both love doing and normally buys me a bit of time getting on. Invariably though it soon ends in an argument ( this is the main cause of their arguments).
“It’s my turn for her to look at me”
“I was singing to her…”
“She loves me more”
“No she loves me more”

In conclusion, my advice for housework if you have children is…

A) just don’t do it
b) pay someone to do it
C) hide the clutter in every available hidden space and forget about it.



3 thoughts on “Housework with small children = nightmare!

  1. entertainingelliot says:

    Housework became the number 1 argument causer between my husband and I!! By being a stay at home mum he assumed I’d turn into some amazing domestic goddess…..not quite the case! I’m a bit messy, I often don’t see clutter and theres always something more excting to do 😉 In the end we got a cleaner and its AMAZING!!!!! She comes once a week and leaves it sparkling! Although half an hour later you can bet theres a million toys scattered around the house 😉

    • Mum of 3 kiddiewinks says:

      I would love to be a domestic goddess but there is always things littered wverywhere! Its when we visit others immaculate houses I feel really bad!

  2. sadiebelle14 says:

    Great post I hate cleaning and housework, I feel when I try to tidy up that is when the kids turn against me and get everything out including tipping the lego box out onto the floor, I agree don’t do it it’ll only need tidying up again in a few minutes x x

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