Never stops talking!

I just love it when children don’t stop talking, KW2 is at the stage now where if he is not talking to someone, he is talking to himself!
Today, while sat having a poo, I could hear him saying to himself…
“Nice job fixing the toilet dad, nice job”

While riding his bike yesterday, I could hear him chanting to himself on the way back from a friends…
“You can do it Alfie, keep pedalling, come on, you can do it.”
When the back was going quickly down a hill, he was saying
“Calm down bike, calm down”

He just has me in fits of laughter all the time, pretty sure he takes after me, given at the supermarket child free yesterday, I heard myself saying,
“Let’s get tomatoes Pops, ooh I wonder what else we need”
I must have looked crazy, it’s just I am so used to talking to the children, I forget I am alone!


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