Always a reason…

Children seem to always have an answer or reason for everything. I always wish I had written down the many funny conversations, statements and observations the children make, as I am sure so many people wish they had.
I am hoping I can use my blog to share some funny anecdotes at times, it them become a recorded memory for the children. If anyone would like to share the funny things their kiddiewinks say, I would love to hear them.

My cheeky kiddiewink number 2 (3 years 8 months) is no exception to this, he has an answer for everything and never stops talking.
Tonight, he was not allowed any of his sister’s birthday cake, as he refused to eat his tea. About half an hour after we put him to bed, he appeared outside and said,
“I’ve got my hand over my mouth”
He then came over and grinned a chocolate cake crumby smile.
“Have you had cake”
“Yep, Tilly told me to.”
” but why weren’t you allowed cake”
“Because I didn’t eat my dinner, but I sneaked some” -then lots of giggles.

We were actually quite amused by his blatantness and the fact he thought he was so funny.
On returning him to his bedroom he told me many times how it was actually my fault he ate some of the cake

“Well mummy, yeah, I found the cake because you left it out, so I ate it , yeah, at bedtime it needs to not be out, yeah, because when I see it, I will eat it, yeah, so if you leave it out, I can eat it. So mummy, yeah, because it’s bedtime, you need to put it where it belongs and hide it, then I can’t find it and eat it.”
(When he uses ‘yeah”
“Oh so it’s my fault”
“Yes because you let me find it”


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