Clothes for a cloth bum

I remember being very frustrated with KW2 that his trousers never fit properly round a cloth nappy, we usually had to wear a size bigger and usually these were too long. At least with a girl the option of leggings, tights and dresses means clothing a cloth bummed baby is not quite as challenging. Nevertheless, trousers remains a problem so I have been searching for reasonably priced alternatives.

Frugi- quite pricey but if you keep an eye out, you can get some bargains in the sale, or on ebay.

Little Owls- I am yet to try the clothes, but they always look amazing and another product I ordered from this website was great. Again a bit pricier than the high street

JJ Jiraffe- my order arrived in 2 weeks and we love it. We ordered a squishy size lillestoff birds baggies with matching vest and a 7-8year old skater skirt with matching t shirt. I mainly got my biggest KW something as she was desperate to have something the same as her sister and on the high street they fall into different clothing bands. Again not cheap, but custom made and only a bit pricier than the high street, the baggies were £15 and the skirt £20, the vest was £5 ,£7 for the t shirt. Personally, I think the shirt needed something round the cuffs or collar so not quite as white, I am sure I could have had this but no doubt would have cost a bit more. The order was packaged beautifully, and a pretty scented candle was also included. We will definitely be ordering from here again, although not as often as we would like due to finances.




Home made by granny- my mum is pretty good with a sewing machine, although she tends to knit more these days, so I persuaded her it would be a good idea to have a bash at making Poppy some baggies. I found a PDF pattern on easy for £4.50 and downloaded it to her iPad, she is going to try while we are on holiday. Can’t wait to see the results, as to cost, that remains to be seen but fingers crossed it is financially viable and they look fabulous, as I am very excited!


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