Wonder cream

I can’t believe I am on baby number three and I have only just discovered CJ butters. This magical potion really is a treat in a pot.
I ordered this as I had heard good things about it during RNW, my darling kiddiewink 3 (4 months) had a little bit of nappy rash and I was worried about my usual choice of cream damaging the cloth nappies. I selected blueberry crumble as it was one of three 4oz pots on offer and a trial size pot of coconut lime dream. The trial size is the perfect size for a changing bag, once finished, I intend just to top it up from the bigger bottle. I bought them from The Nappy laundry as they had a few on offer, delivery was superspeedy,but one of the containers wasn’t in the best condition. Even so, I couldnt wait to try it…
I honestly couldn’t get over the  fragrance, so so scrummy! If only I could post the fragrance so others could smell it; sometime in the future… The consistency of the butter made it easy to apply, and once rubbing in, it really starts to feel buttery. KW3 just beamed at me when rubbing it in, even better was a little bit went a surprisingly long way.
Earlier today the back of her knees looked sore, red and a bit swollen, possibly sweat rash in the warm temperatures today? Anyway, I rubbed a little bit on and in a few hours the redness had already started to go down, the sores behind her ears had also started to improve within hours of buttering them up. I am intrigued to see how behind her knees are tomorrow! So far we love them, a big thumbs up from KW3 and me.
(Even hubby was impressed…)

****UPDATE 24 hours later and we have found the back of KW3’s knee has almost cleared up- Result!

Truly scrumdiddlybumptious!!!



5 thoughts on “Wonder cream

    • Mum of 3 kiddiewinks says:

      They are wonderful, one big pot has lasted over a year, and we got two travel size, and when I remembered we filled them from the big pot for the changing bag.

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