Our journey to becoming cloth bum converts. Who’d have thought it?

When KW2 was about 5 months I decided to try cloth nappies, my NCT friends from KW1 had used them but I had always been skeptical and if I am honest, I couldn’t really see the point, nor could I understand why anyone would want to; I imagined it being a huge hassle! However, I became concerned about the amount or nappies that were going in our black bin, then I read that it took 550 years for nappies to decompose, so I was determined to give them a go, and to my surprise between 2008 and 2011the cloth nappy market had gone somewhat mad! I couldn’t believe the choice and variety and was so excited to try them. I was fortunate in that my new found interest coincided with Real Nappy Week 2011, my NCT friends nominated me for a free nappy and there were lots of offers about.


Our first purchase was a little lambs trial pack, currently available at littlelambs.
This included a bamboo, a cotton, and microfibre fitted nappy, a bombproof wrap and a pocket nappy. Personally, we preferred the bamboo, but blimey it took a long time to dry. We have found these wonderful at night but a bit bulky for daytime use.


We also decided to try a different make of pocket, which were really reasonably priced as the company was just getting going. We selected a giraffe print by Bumdeal and Nellies nappies www.bumdealnappies.co.uk, (later on we bought a zebra, cheetah, blue spotty and camouflage.)20140607-212832-77312766.jpg20140610-144910-53350803.jpg

These worked brilliantly and could boosted to suit how heavy the baby wets. We have tried them with KW3 but at the minute they still don’t give a great fit, so she leaks. Although that might be do to with them occasionally ending up in the tumble drier-oops.


Well that is how our journey began and now I am totally addicted. Something comes over me and I feel compelled to buy more. A bit like most women feel compelled to buy clothes or bags I imagine. I never imagined I would become that person, my mum things I am crazy, I agree with her. How on earth have I become so obsessed? Don’t get me wrong my obsession is only on a small scale to some of the people I have seen on the preloved forums. My stash is still only a mere 20, some people have over a hundred. I am also limiting spending by selling nappies to buy more nappies. I am enjoying swapping my ‘boyish’ nappies for girlie prints. Again, there is even more choice than when KW2 became cloth bummed.

Currently we use little lambs bamboo and a wrap at night; tots bots easy fits and close parent pop ins during the day, mainly purchased from babipur! Although we do use a range of websites to purchase them, we always buy when on offer, some offers just seem too good to refuse.. We just love cloth nappies and the amount of black bin waste we have is minimal as we now use reusable wipes too… For anybody thinking about it, try it and I bet you will be amazed how simple it all is, how much more fun nappy changes are and how adorable they can be. Some councils even offer incentives so you can try them without spending too much money.

What have I learnt

  • Washing and drying cloth nappies is so much less hassle than I imagined
  • Babies shapes change regularly so your favourite fitting nappy one week, may not be your favourite the following week
  • There is a whole preloved world out there for those who want to build up their stash cheaply. The resale value for nappies is really good if you take care of them.
  • Clothes, particularly boys trousers, can be a challenge with cloth nappies. Lots of WAHMs make some adorable baby bottoms for cloth bummed babies
  • Waterproof covers should not go in the tumble drier
  • Reusable wipes are far easier when you use cloth nappies, it can all get thrown in the wet bag when out and about, rather than having to bag up wipes and then bin them.
  • That the cloth bummed world is addictive…

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