Frozen mad…

KW1 has just had her 6th birthday and is frozen mad, so for the last few weeks I have been planning her frozen themed party on a budget!

She is having six girl friends to do frozen themed activities, nail painting and hair plaiting with a trip to her favourite cafe for lunch. When discussing the cake, we looked through google images for some ‘frozen inspiration’, when seeing some of the amazing designs, she said…
“Wow mummy, that is brilliant, but don’t worry I know you couldn’t make that, let’s keep looking”
So glad even at the age of nearly six she knows her mummy’s limitations haha.

I have decided to do a two tier round cake, one in white ready roll icing and one in blue. I have bought edible snowflakes and frozen character cake toppers for decoration. Hopefully it should be simple but effective, pictures to follow…

To decorate the house, I am using the silver tinsel and silver snowflakes from Christmas and have some silver stars and silver and blue happy birthdays table confetti for the cafe.

Once back from the cafe in theory we will play turn your friend into Olaf using toilet roll etc, pin the nose on Olaf, frozen snowstorms (must remember to get the cheap jam and get them washed), watching frozen and then girlie nail painting..

Party bags, I have bought silver organza bags on ebay and then I found a WAHM on Facebook called Little Owls, who has made for the bargain price of £7 + p & p, book bag ribbons, personalised with the children’s names.

Fingers crossed it will be a success with happy girls at the end.


The cake has worked, albeit slightly more rustic than in my head. No doubt I could have got it neater if I had spent longer but three KW and hours cake making do not go hand in hand. KW1 loves it! I have to admit, I am pretty proud myself.


KW1 insisted she wore her frozen dress to the cafe and was even more insistent that she needed white hair.





Patch boy

Patching when out of the daily routine is so much harder than when KW2 is at pre-school and other activities. Then the patch goes on straight after breakfast but in the holidays it just doesn’t happen as easily; well for us anyway… The heat doesn’t help as he gets so sweaty under his patch it is uncomfortable and when playing outside wearing the patch is less effective anyway. I can see lots of two hour iPad stints this holiday, just to get him to wear the patch.

We recently got back from a Eurocamp holiday and to KW2s excitement on day one we saw a boy(about 8years old) cycle past our tent wearing a patch. That was the best encouragement we could have had on holiday, as he ran in to choose one of his to wear in case ‘patch boy’ came last again. The boy was doing a loop with his chums so came past several times within the first ten mins, He clocked the patch on KW2 and beamed, staring at him. On his second loop he asked him if he had to wear one too, KW2 was made up that this older boy was talking to him. Every morning he then happily wore his patch for his stint, keeping an eye out for his friend patch boy. KW2 lovingly referred to this boy as ‘patch boy’ all holiday… When we met him in the bar, KW2 shouted “look there is my friend patch boy”, I did suggest he found out his real name then, which he did.

Only a three year old patch wearer could get away with calling another child ‘patch boy’!